Poem 7-05-2003


A new day is breaking,

The sun shines in the East.

The birds will start singing,

But something is missing,

I fear I know what it is.

I walk down my path,

I stop and smell the roses.

I pick one and turn,

But to my concern,

Beside me no one is there.

The afternoon grinds past,

The sun blazes overhead.

No rain is in sight,

But where's my delight?

Alone I do bear the heat.

I wander, I search.

For a way to be needed.

I ponder, I pray,

But I can't run away,

From the happiness I once had.

An old day is ending.

The sun glows in the west.

My love not dimished,

My job feels unfinished,

My heart will still be there next morn.