Terisal (working title)



Aliese rested her elbows on the parapet, gazing out from the battlement through the slight haze of the globe that surrounded the entire city. She saw the dead husks of trees that stretched as far as the eye could see to the south and the desolate fields lay to the west. She also spotted several human skeletons in various states of decomposition littering the ground, bones bleached white by the sun and time. Nothing beyond the edge of the barrier was alive. Even the sun seemed diminished, dulled by the city's prison. She took it all in, as she did often, and dreamt about what it would have been like whole, alive. Right, she thought to herself.

After some time she sighed, glancing back at the tall spires of the castle. At least the land didn't lie. Haalestir, capital city of Kalan, lived an illusion of life. Nothing had changed since the dome had appeared almost twelve years go. A sudden wind blew her hair about, and she brushed long black strands from her face as she contemplated. Even the king tries to pretend that nothing has changed. She had suffered through most of her teenage years as though the rest of the world lay just outside.  She had celebrated holidays, and even attended balls throughout the years. And for all anyone knew this was the last part of the kingdom still standing.

Their existence wasn't easy, though. The only reason the entire city hadn't collapsed after the cataclysm was due to its self-sufficiency. It was perhaps a blessing that so few people had lived in the city proper, since most of the fertile lands lay beyond the barrier, ruined and inaccessible. Still, they made do, the stubborn will to live outpacing the desire to simply lay down and let time take them. So far.