Living Memories


The Memories Live On

The old man passed the piece of heartglass to Jared, his hand shaking slightly as he handed off his most valuable possession. Great Saru this piece is huge! It would fetch more money than he could even think about. Enough to get him out of the pits. Enough to get him off the planet and wherever he wanted to go. If he sold it. If he could sell it. Even had he wanted to, no one would possess the kind of money this single piece would fetch. Heartglass. Banned in most of the galaxy, treasured by all of it. Sought after by kings and emperors. businessmen and thieves alike on every planet for its sole purpose. Small pieces could store memories, allow you to retrieve them later. Large pieces, pieces like the one Jared now held, could store emotions and feelings as well, and dreams you experienced as you held it close to you while you slept. Small pieces, carefully hidden, would keep you sane in the pits, allow you to store memories of a better life you once had, to recall when you felt there was nothing left to live for. It kept many alive.

"Don't lose it," the man said slowly. "Guard that with your life, and see that it reaches my family. Promise me!" he almost yelled, his last breaths coming short.

"I'll see to it. One way or another, your family will get this." Jared clutched the heartglass soundly to his chest, able to feel the emotions coursing through it without even tapping into it. This was a powerful piece. Powerful enough that, had there been another name for it, Jared would have chosen Soulglass. Able to read a person's entire being and show it back to them. Or to others, if they knew how to tap into it. Yes, this piece was powerful, and extremely dangerous. A piece this big likely had many stories to tell, the least of which were this old man's.