Untitled Poem

The sound of rain pattering against the window.

I close my eyes, wondering if it's your voice,

Whispering in my ear.

I listen for minutes,

Imagining the words you'd say,

And the words I'd hear that were never spoken.

A gentle wind blowing through my hair.

I close my eyes, craving your affectionate touch,

Tracing designs on my skin.

I stand still for hours,

Shivering in pleasure,

At the pattern that unfolds.

The brisk night air fills my lungs.

I close my eyes, still seeing the full moon's brightness,

Enthralling me in hunger.

I lay down for the night,

Aware that sleep will not visit.

Hoping something else does.

The smell of a flower lingers in the air.

I close my eyes, thinking of what perfume,

You would wear to meet me.

I work throughout the days,

Preparing gladly,

For a chance to realize my dreams.

A howling fire thaws my face.

I close my eyes, feeling love's burning flame,

Bold heat flowing through me.

I sit motionless for my lifetime,

Drinking of the warmth,

Knowing the frost can never hit me.