Running Toward Destiny

Chapter 9

Search for Answers

Adena paced back and forth in the dining room, gazing occasionally out the window.  "I don't know where she is," she said suddenly to the women seated around the table.  "She is somewhere near Choel, and she has the man, but I can't find her now."  She had no idea how her tracer had absolved itself, but it had.  Now she couldn't even tell how far away they were.  This was certainly not good.  Now she could only approximate their position by mind scanning, and that was always tedious.

"We have to find her.  If she gets lost or caught, we can't…" Amera started.

"I know.  Saccria, I want you to go to Choel.  Try to find them, and if you do, see which way they go.  You always had a better mind scan than I did, and at that close range, you should have no problems locating them.  If they're in trouble, assist them if you can.  Try not to reveal who you are.  We must not let him know about us, not yet anyway.  If he asks who you are, make up something.  He has to find his true path for himself.  He's well on his way, but I don't want him getting any false hopes now."

"Is there any way we can put another tracer on them?" Saccria asked politely.

"Not without meeting with one of them for some time.  It took me almost a week to finish the tracer on Selenia, and I was sure that it wouldn't be destroyed.  Something must be blocking it.  See if you can find out what it is."

"I'll try.  Do you wish me to leave now?"

"As soon as possible, yes.  You should eat breakfast though.  I don't want you traveling all the way to Choel on an empty stomach.  Those spells tend to take a lot out of someone."

"How is it that you didn't notice this before?" Amera spoke up.

"It has never happened before.  I didn't think it could, with the amount of time I spent creating it.  Maybe we'll be able to get some answers later, after Saccria here does some research.  Until then, we have to act as though he will be here tomorrow.  Everything must be set."

Adena left the room soon and went into her study to think.  She was not happy about the situation, and now was not the time for mistakes.  I must've done something wrong, and that cannot happen again.  I must watch my every step from now on.  I can't jeopardize the world because I make a stupid mistake.  She sat down heavily in a large chair and put her hand to her forehead.  There, in complete silence, she brooded over what had happened, and whether there was anything she could do to fix it.

Saccria consulted the other four women after Adena left.  "Something's definitely wrong here.  Adena's never made a mistake in as long as I've known her.  It's not like her."  She thought for a second before continuing.  "Is there anything that you can do that would help?"

Llenony only shook her head, an eternal sadness in her voice.  Saccria gritted her teeth as she did whenever she saw her.  If she ever got hold of Tarone, she'd kill him just for that.  Amera spoke up.  "There's nothing that any of us could do to help you, other than wishing you luck."  Saccria felt a little disheartened, but didn't let it show.  She truly was on her own now.

"Alright, then.  I guess I'm off.  If you find anything, let me know." They said their goodbyes, and then she turned and left.  Walking down two sets of stairs, she appeared at a solid wooden door, which she opened effortlessly without a sound.

Once outside, she held up the vial that she had in her hand.  The powerful magic in it gave it a slightly bluish appearance.  It was a teleportation vial, and one of the last ones the castle had.  She opened it quickly, and thought about a place just outside the city, at the edge of a small copse of trees.  She'd used the location before and found that not many people ever went there.

She fell to her knees on the soft grass when she went through the portal.  She'd never gotten used to the transference, and it wasn't comfortable to begin with.  Her head hurt, and her stomach felt like it was twisted into a knot.

She remained there, on her knees, for several minutes before finally rising.  A slight ringing in her ears persisted, but her stomach had settled down, and her headache had gone away.  Then she brushed her dress a little and set off toward the city, which stretched below her now.

It was easy to gain entry into the city, as the guards weren't very cautious.  Once inside, she set off for the Morning Light, an inn that she'd stayed at many times before.  They had reputable service, and weren't that expensive besides.  From there, she'd begin her search, with the hope that somehow they would almost walk on her.  It would be nearly impossible for her to search the entire city in less than a month, and she didn't have that time.  She could try, though.