Running Toward Destiny

Chapter 3

Secret Followings

Selenia set up in bed silently in the night, wide-awake after her deep sleep.  Someone had stepped on the path.  Selenia looked in the direction of her window, and found out that it was still very early in the morning.  Now why would someone be traveling in the middle of the night, she thought.  Selenia felt the person as he traveled down the path, and could tell exactly where he was.  He was a long way from the end of the path, and it would take him quite a while to get to its final destination.  He was moving quite slowly, as though afraid of something.  Perhaps he did not know that this was a protected path, safe from any dangers.

Only a short time later the person stopped on the path.  There was no movement from there after.  It appeared he had stopped to do something.  Selenia believed that it would be safe to return to the slumber she had so been enjoying before this event.  If the person moved again, Selenia would know and wake up again.

Selenia stood at the well near her house that had run dry for some reason.  It had never happened before in the six years she'd lived here.  It was then that she felt the man moving down the path again.  He was still moving slowly, unaware that nothing could hurt him.  Selenia knew she had some time before she had to go after him.  There was a castle at the end of the path, and that was probably where Selenia would meet the person.  She had to prepare first though.  She turned back toward her house and started toward it.

Some time later, she had finally gotten all of her spells and vials that she was taking with her together.  The person was only now about three quarters of the way down the path, which meant that Selenia was going to have to do some running to catch up.  If the person had walked into the castle, something else would have triggered in Selenia's mind.  Uncorking the special vial, she was instantly cloaked in a veil of invisibility.  This would make it so she was unseen by anyone or anything.  It was an advanced spell, cloaking not only the sight of her, but also her smell and any sound she made.  Now she held up another vial, one of conjuration.  This was of a different class of spell.  Spells of the invisibility type were automatic spells, doing only what they were designed for, nothing else.  Spells of the conjuration type were designed to activate according to what the person's mind said.  A conjuration spell took you to the place that you thought of.  There was a third class of spell, one that could do anything that the person who used it wanted it to do, but those were very rare spells, and they were limited to the amount of power that was actually put into the spell.  There wasn't anyone living today that could make a spell that had enough power to be told to conjure anyone, unless it had been make specifically to conjure.  Selenia opened the cork on the conjuration vial, and thought about the path.  She felt herself moveā€¦.

She looked around.  She hadn't been specific enough, and had therefore been transported to the beginning of the path.  Selenia started walking down the path, aware that she had some time to make up.

She had started running a few minutes later, and was now getting close to the person.  He was just now coming up to the castle.  She thought about his nature while she was running.  He was quick, witty, and very smart.  He would be one to figure out things fast, and act without much thought if needed.  He was the ideal person to be on this journey.  Selenia would have to be careful around him though, until the time when she was to reveal herself to him.  She quit thinking about him and concentrated on running faster.

Nearly an hour later Selenia began to spot the castle through the foliage.  The sun was almost behind it now, setting in the west It was an impressive castle, though it was very old and in the beginning state of deterioration.  She reached the end of the path and stepped out into the open.  She immediately spied a man and out of instinct jumped behind some bushes.  She was still invisible though, so she wasn't seen at all.  The man turned around and looked straight into her direction.  Selenia had hit a branch accidentally, and he had noticed that.  He turned back around though and nearly ran into the castle.  The portcullis slammed down and sunk into the stone floor.  Selenia wasn't going to get in that way.  She knew of another door though, one that was hidden from all eyes.  Selenia had found it when she had last explored the castle a few years back.  It had taken Selenia quite a while to find it, but it had proved useful when she was entering the castle.  The portcullis would rise again soon, but Selenia couldn't wait that long.  She stepped out into the open again and walked across the rickety drawbridge.  She then turned to the left, instead of going straight where the portcullis was located.  In the wall were three bricks that had to be pulled out, and two that had to be pushed in.  It would take Selenia awhile.  Selenia had forgotten where most of the trigger bricks were.  She pushed in the brick that she knew about, and then searched about the wall for the other block to be pushed in.  She knew the general location of most of them, but the exact placement of each one was still a mystery.  She found the other brick two blocks to the right and one block above the first one, and then she pushed it in.  The three blocks that had to be pulled out were harder to find though.  The blocks that moved were sometimes ones that had to be removed, but this castle was so old, sometimes it wasn't.  Selenia set out, testing each block that she could reach.

After nearly five minutes, she had pulled out two of the three blocks.  The last one she had never known of, because it had already been removed before Selenia had arrived, and she didn't know where the hole had been.  Now it had been returned to the wall, and it would be the hardest one to find.

A small section of the castle wall disappeared into a doorway when the last brick was removed.  A small blast of stale air rustled through Selenia's hair.  She walked out of the waning sunlight and into a dark hallway.  She was inside now, and she knew not where the man had gone.  She turned left and walked, which was the only way she could go.  To the right of her was a pit that Selenia didn't want to cross.  The man could still be back there, trying to figure out a way to cross.  It was too bad that she still couldn't sense him now that he was off the path.  She would walk farther into the castle, and if she saw no signs of him, she would wait.

Only minutes into the walk, Selenia came to a lighted portion of the hallway.  There was a gate, and it was still closed.  She knew that it hadn't been moved, and therefore the man couldn't have been here.  This was as good a place to rest as any place, and when the man came, she would know.  She set down against the wall and closed her eyes.

Tarone woke up as the sun filtered through the small bedroom window.  Good, she isn't up yet, he thought.  Looking at Serphony gently for a second, he got out of bed reluctantly and peered out of the window.  It was still early in the morning, as the sun had just crested the horizon.  He walked over to his wardrobe and proceeded to get dressed, anticipating the work he would have to do today.  He made next to noise, preferring her to sleep in.  He didn't even bother to comb his hair, because it wasn't that bad.  He wasn't really going anywhere of importance anyway.

Stepping out of the house, Tarone gazed at the sun again.  It appeared to be higher than it had been, but that wasn't possible - it'd only been five minutes.  He willed a portal to appear in front of him, a portal to take him back to the enchanted path that he'd felt formed so suddenly the night before.  It was the first magic he'd felt of any significance since he'd moved out here.  He was going to have to follow it to its destination.  He stepped through the portal.

He stepped out just to the left of the small glowing path.  He bent down next to it, careful not to touch it.  The path couldn't be seen, but it could be felt.  Its magical ambience screamed at Tarone.  It was certainly a powerful spell, creating a magical path.  He put his hand over it, probing into the path, feeling the flow of the current running through it.  Then he felt it: there was a woman who was watching over the path.  Now Tarone knew that he couldn't walk on it, because the instant he did she would know.  He stood back up and walked alongside the path, in the direction he hoped was the right way.

When the sun had begun to fall into the west somewhat, Tarone knew that he was coming nearer to someone.  A person was walking on the path, and through the magic of it, he could feel it.  Tarone was still some distance away, but it wouldn't be long before he caught up to whoever it was.  He moved on faster, wondering who would possibly be walking down a path that had mysteriously appeared only less than a day ago.

It was almost dark before Tarone came across of the path's end, a large rundown castle that appeared to be out of place in the dense jungle.  The castle was a symbol of his own past, because it used to be his home.  Now it only signified the days of old, and the destruction of the world, for it was here that a spell had been cast, here that all people had been tricked and doomed.  In a few days, there would be nothing of this castle or any other part of this world.  Tarone froze, because a man was walking toward the drawbridge.  So, this was who it was.  An ordinary looking man, he appeared lost to Tarone.  Tarone's head snapped around suddenly.  Someone else was coming.  Now who could this be?  Tarone searched quickly for a place to hide himself.  The bushes weren't safe at all, because there were animals in there that were deadly.  The Lemox, for example, was poisonous to the touch.  It wasn't that he couldn't defend himself, but he preferred to keep his presence unknown.  Backing up behind an old, rotting tree, he stole glances around it to see who was coming, as well as to keep track of the person walking across the wooden bridge.

Almost a minute later a woman appeared.  She had been traveling down the path, but why was the mystery.  The woman appeared familiar, as though Tarone should know her.  So why would she be traveling down a magical path that wasn't supposed to exist?  Could she be the person who created the path?  Tarone wanted very much to find out, but other things needed done in the meantime.  Tarone had to be going.  He backed away from the tree, farther into the forest, and opened a portal back home.  He stepped into it and let it close behind him.  He'd know everything soon, before the end.